It has Finished!


Finally, I finished my bachelor’s study in 3 years and 5 months! I give my biggest thanks to my thesis-supervisor Mr. Dr. Nur Rachmat Yuliantoro, MA (IR) for every kinds of help, guidance, assistance, recommendation, critics, and dedication in supervising me to finish my bachelor’s thesis.

Before, my thesis proposal seminar was held on April 2013, and it was soooooo long ago. Yes, since I still have to through the student community service for two months, and many obstacles before I can doing my thesis-defense on February 11, 2014. Actually, I am done writing my thesis on the last week of November 2013 (three months after student community service), but God has his own plan so I had to delayed my thesis-defense to February 2014. Yes, it little bit hurts. But, I hope God has another beautiful plan for me for my graduation party on May 2014. Amiiiiinnn…

I also praise my gratitude to my thesis examiners, Ms. Dr. Poppy S. Winanti, MPP., M.Sc and Ms. Ririn Tri Nurhayati, M.Si, M.A. for their kindness and contributions in making my thesis better and better.

By this occasion, I officially announce that I’M FINISHED MY BACHELOR’S DEGREE and I’m officially BONI ANDIKA, S.IP!!! Yeeeayy!! Let’s move to another step of life. Jobs-looking competition is waiting for me. And the fight must go on!


Signed and approved by my thesis supervisor and thesis examiners..


School of Dreams

As a country that still in the process of development, the formation of individuals with supporting characteristic of country’s development is very important for Indonesia. The individual character is created through variety of ways, and one of them is through formal education. In my opinion, academic science given in the process of learning at the school was instrumental in the formation of knowledge and the thinking ability of students. However, the science required by the students to have their competitiveness in the global world are not sufficiently supported in terms of academic course. As a student, I hope that the process of academic science transfer should be accompanied by the provision of supporting capabilities. Even, if the academic science will support the Intelligence Quotient (IQ), then students should also get the science that would sustain their Emotional Quotient (EQ).

“School of Dreams” is a school that could accommodate and develop the talents and abilities of their students by providing knowledge that can also develop their talents and abilities. In fact, the development of talents and non academic abilities of students is not a new idea. I found a lot of schools that have been only able to render extracurricular activities as a complementary activity. Extracurricular activities are only seen as additional activities for students after undergoing their intracurricular activities. Therefore, schools which are unable to develop their extracurricular activities will close the development of skills and talents of students outside the academic path, so it is possible that students will develop maximally in terms of academic, but their talents and abilities to apply science did not develop well.

Similarly, the environment and the learning process that is carried out in schools. In the formation of character which can afford to have high competitiveness in the era of globalization, the process of learning and school environment should really be a conducive environment and meets the cognitive aspect, affective and psychomotor in its learning processes. Discipline in the learning process and the development of creativity of students must take precedence. Discipline will form the strong character of students in principle as well as to make students understand about purposes of their studies. The enforcement of discipline does not have to mean violence. The effective way to establish the discipline is by making students really understand about purposes of their studies. In other words, the disciplinary process will shape the consciousness of students in learning.

In addition, in order to support the needs of information in the era of globalization, language is also an important factor. Foreign language ability in school activities is the basic foundation needed to be developed. In learning activities, the language taught such as grammar and other language components, as well as vocabulary should be used in the form of conversation in order to make students master a foreign language. Since mastery of foreign language will support the process of communication and information distribution in the current global situation. In doing so, the distribution of information for students will not be limited by language, so students can observe the development of the world globally.

So, the main issue in making  the “School of Dreams” is to change the role of students from object into subject in the learning process. Students can develop their talents and creativities in the learning process, both intracurricular and extracurricular, so students can understand the purpose of learning that they did. Surely here the role of teachers and school management is indispensable. Aside from being a sciences distributor, teachers should also be able to make their students understand in learning. The involvement of teachers in the formation of students as the subject will maximize the learning process. Similarly, in enforcing discipline, the teacher should also contributed.

In other words, “School of Dreams” will provide academic and non academic capabilities to suit the needs of learning process that puts the discipline and creativity of its students. The process of developing the ability of non academic is also supported by the development of extracurricular activities. In addition, the role of students who become the subject in the process of learning should obtain the support of school management, especially teachers in the exercise of their duties as distributor of science. All processes of character building that are implemented by school must be equipped with a religious element as the foundations, so that the existence of God will rub off on students as active actors in globalization. Thus, “School of Dreams” can really form an individual who has a high competitiveness, the individual who would play an active role in globalization and bring the nation’s progress.

Mangrove Forrest

Mangrove Forrest

Mangrove Forrest is one of tourism destination located in Untung Jawa island, Jakarta, Indonesia. I went there several days ago with my family for having a holiday, a new year’s holiday. For going there, we have to go by boat from the Tanjung Pasir dock, a small dock which located in Tangerang. The journey to cross the sea is about 20 minutes. In mangrove forrest, we can take a picture and having talks with relatives at the hut which provided there. It’s really a nice spot!

Tips To Help You Pick The Right College

Many college students feel both excitement and trepidation about beginning a new stage in their life. For many it is a time to further their education while also learning very important life skills. Living by yourself for the first time and dealing with a full load of classes is not easy, but it is a great learning experience.

With a tight budget, it is likely you will need a loan to pay for college. College is an investment in your future. Consider all factors carefully, but don’t be afraid to take out a reasonable amount of debt to secure your future.

Learn your schedule and the locations of your classes before school starts. Determine the amount of time you need to travel from class to class, and plan accordingly. If you have a map plan your route carefully!

Eat breakfast on test days. Even a small bite to eat, such as an apple or yogurt, can help you stay focused. One of the biggest distractions you can have during a test is your stomach. Eating a balanced breakfast and bringing some snacks with you should help you remain focused.

Be sure to stay well-rested. College and all-nighters go hand in hand, but it is important that you get enough rest. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, then your mind will not function the way it should be, which can negatively impact your grades.

Credit Card

Pay your credit card balance in full every month. This prevents several penalties and late fees. Try using your credit card only if you have to. While you may wish to use it for entertainment, remember that you’re at college to learn. You do not want to be distracted with financial issues.

Ride the bus to class. Normally it is faster to ride the bus than driving. You won’t have to look for parking either. You can even save a few bucks from gas and parking permits. If you are interested in “going green,” this is a great opportunity to make that impact.

Used textbooks are the only way to go when on a budget. Textbooks tend to be price, especially when you purchase them new. Look into buying them used to save money.

Remember to register for your classes early. Waiting too long can end up forcing you to take classes that are not necessarily your first choice. If you are interested in a class, make sure to register for it early in the process.

You should consider doing work study if you must have a job while taking classes. The career center will feature jobs with flexible hours for college students, as well as help you find a job after you graduate.

Make sure you allow yourself breaks when studying. Studying is important and breaks are too. Take a short break every hour or so to remain focused on your studying. Create a schedule that you can stay with.

Do not just rely on exploring electives as a way of deciding your major and passion. This is limiting yourself too much. Instead, try involving yourself in campus activities. Sign up for clubs, and give work-study positions a try. In any given week, you can usually find many events and activities taking place. Try one thing every week that is new to you.

With any luck, you now have a better outlook on what college is like and how you can succeed in it. Use the advice in the article here, and you can maximize the experience of your college life.

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It’s a Wonderful Life

Yesterday, I just watched a movie titled “It’s a Wonderful Life”. I thought I was late late to watch the movie in this year since it’s released in 1946. Yes 46 years older than me! Hahaha..


It’s a Wonderful Life is a 1946 American Christmas fantasy comedy-drama film produced and directed by Frank Capra. Thus it makes me right to watch the movie near the christmas day. It’s based on the short story “The Greatest Gift”, which Philip Van Doren Stern wrote in 1939 and published privately in 1945. Generally, the movie told about an angel that helps a compassionate but despairingly frustrated businessman by showing what life would have been like if he never existed.

The film stars James Stewart as George Bailey, a man who has given up his dreams in order to help others and whose imminent suicide on Christmas Eve brings about the intervention of his guardian angel, Clarence Odbody (Henry Travers). Clarence shows George all the lives he has touched and how different life in his community of Bedford Falls would be had he never been born.

The story begin with the prayer arose by many Bedford Falls people, including George Bailey’s family and friends. Prayers for his well-being from friends and family reach Heaven. Clarence Odbody, Angel 2nd Class, is assigned to visit Earth to save George, thereby earning his wings. Franklin and Joseph, the head angels, review George’s life with Clarence.

George Bailey is a compassionate person, very ambitious, and has a dream to travel to over the world. Clarence the 2nd class angels shown the life of George Bailey since he was 12-year-old boy in 1919. George saved the life of his younger brother Harry Bailey, who had fallen through the ice on a frozen pond, and because of his heroic action, George lost the hearing in his left ear. Later, while working in the local drugs store owned by Mr. Gower, George was helping the owner by noticing that the druggist, Mr. Gower, despondent over his son’s death from influenza, had mistakenly filled a child’s prescription with poison. George stopped Gower and saved him from killing the child and irrevocably ruining his own life.

Time gone by, and now George Bailey is grown up and dream of travelling the world. At this time, George faced with many big problems. He already waited for a long time for his brother graduation so he can be replaced of managing his father’s business and so he can travel to the world as he wanted. But, he faced by the fact that he should to stay in Bedford Falls since the business (Building and Loan Association) that built by his father is getting the trouble and threaten to be dissolved by a rapacious slumlord, Mr. Henry F. Potter.

When Harry graduates from college, he unexpectedly brings home a wife, whose father has offered Harry an excellent job. Although Harry vows to decline the offer out of respect for his brother, George cannot deny Harry such a fine opportunity and decides to keep running the Building and Loan, knowing that this will kill his dream to travel the world.

George calls on Mary, who has recently returned home from college. After several arguments, they reveal their love for each other, and marry soon after. As they depart for their honeymoon, they witness a run on the bank that leaves the Building and Loan in danger of collapse. The couple quell the panic by using the $2,000 set aside for their honeymoon to satisfy the depositors’ immediate needs. Mary enlists the help of George’s two best friends, Bert, a policeman, and Ernie, a cab driver, to create a faux tropical setting for a substitute honeymoon. The newlywed couple embrace while Bert and Ernie sing in the background.

George never manages to leave Bedford Falls, but does start Bailey Park, an affordable housing project. With his own interests compromised, Potter tries to hire him away, offering him a $20,000 salary, along with the promise of business trips to Europe, something that George always wanted to do. George, initially tempted, turns Potter down after realizing that Potter intends to close down the Building and Loan and take full control of Bedford Falls. Along with it, he and Mary then raise four children: Pete, Janie, Tommy and Zuzu.

When World War II erupts, George is unable to enlist, because of his bad ear. Harry becomes a Navy fighter pilot and shoots down 15 enemy planes, two of which were targeting a ship full of troops in the Pacific. For his bravery, Harry is awarded the Medal of Honour.

On Christmas Eve morning, as the town prepares a hero’s welcome for Harry, Uncle Billy is on his way to Potter’s bank to deposit $8,000 of the Building and Loan’s cash funds. He greets Potter (who has the newspaper reporting Harry’s heroics) and taunts him by reading the headlines aloud. Potter angrily snatches the paper, but Billy inattentively allows the money to be snatched with it. Potter opens the paper, notices the money and keeps it, knowing that misplacement of bank money would result in bankruptcy for the Building and Loan and criminal charges for George.

Uncle Billy can’t remember what happened to the money, and with a bank examiner present, he and George frantically search the town which turns up nothing. George is devastated that he is apparently destined to face scandal and jail and takes his anger and frustrations out on his family.

A desperate George appeals to Potter for a loan. Potter sarcastically turns George down, and then swears out a warrant for his arrest for bank fraud. George, now completely depressed, gets drunk at the bar owned by his friend, Giuseppe Martini, where he silently prays for help. After crashing his car into a tree, George staggers to a bridge, intending to commit suicide, feeling he is “worth more dead than alive” because of a life insurance policy. Before he can leap, Clarence jumps in first and pretends to be drowning. After George rescues him, Clarence reveals himself to be George’s guardian angel.

George does not believe him and bitterly wishes he had never been born. Inspired by this comment, Clarence shows George what the town would have been like without him. In this alternate scenario, Bedford Falls is instead named Pottersville, and is home to sleazy nightclubs, pawn shops, and immoral people. Bailey Park is never built, and is instead an old cemetery. George notices that he can now hear in his left ear, that his lip is not bleeding, and that he does not have Zuzu’s flower petals, as she never existed in the alternate reality.

Mr. Gower was sent to prison for poisoning the child and is despised and homeless. Martini does not own the bar, and is a recluse. George’s friend Violet Bick is a strip-dancer and gets arrested as a pickpocket. Ernie is helplessly poor, with his family having forsaken him. Uncle Billy has been in an insane asylum for many years since he lost his brother and the family business. Harry is dead as a result of George not being there to save him from drowning. George’s mother is a bitter widow, and Mary is a shy, single spinster librarian.

George runs back to the bridge and begs to be allowed to live again. His prayer is answered, and he runs home joyously, where the authorities are waiting to arrest him. Mary, Uncle Billy, and a flood of townspeople arrive with more than enough donations to save George and the Building and Loan. George’s friend Sam Wainwright sends him a $25,000 line of credit by telegram.

Harry also arrives to support his brother, and toasts George as “the richest man in town”. In the pile of donated funds, George finds a copy of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (a novel that before brought by Clarence) inscribed,

“Dear George: Remember no man is a failure who has friends”.

“P.S. Thanks for the wings! Love, Clarence”.

A bell on the Christmas tree rings, and his daughter, Zuzu, remembers aloud that it means an angel has just earned his wings. George realizes that he truly has a wonderful life!

That is the plot of the movie. And now, I consider this movie as one of my inspirational movies. I think there are many lessons that we can take from the story. In life, sometimes we feel down, nobody cares with us, no choices in life, and many others desperate things. We might feel like why we should be born in this condition, or why is God gives this problem to us, or anything else. But, we should reconsider how wonderful life is.! From the movie we can learn that life is like a cobweb. We don’t know that thing which happened to us, might be connected and give the influence to other’s life. We don’t know that the thing we do is might be a history. We don’t know how is precious our life for others, for our family, our friends, and for people around us. We can think that the thing is disaster, but we never knew how great that thing and what is God’s planned for us. From the movie we can see that George might feel very desperate and thought that better not to be born. But, God has his own plan! And no matter how hard the problem is, God can always helps his slaves. We should not be regretful to everything happened in our life. Even how hard our life is, we should consider that God is exist, and we have many friends that still willing to help us and give us their support. We are human being, we don’t know the future, we don’t know that every problems has its solution behind. That we need just belief that LIFE IS WONDERFUL!

Remember to put the glass down

A psychologist walked around a room while teaching stress management to an audience. As she raised a glass of water, everyone expected they’d be asked the “half empty or half full” question. Instead, with a smile on her face, she inquired: “How heavy is this glass of water?”

Answer called out ranged from 8 oz. to 20 oz.

She replied, “The absolute weight doesn’t matter. It depends on how long I hold it. If I hold it for a minute, it’s not a problem. If I hold it for an hour, I’ll have an ache in my arm. If I hold it for a day, my arm will feel numb and paralyzed. In each case, the weight of the glass doesn’t change, but the longer I hold it, the heavier it becomes”.

She continued, “The stresses and worries in life are like that glass of water. Think about them for a while and nothing happens. Think about them a bit longer and they begin to hurt. And if you think about them all day long, you will feel paralyzed, incapable of doing anything”.

Endangered Animals Trading

In my first year at college, I took a class named Seminars on the Environment. The class commanded me and my friends to conduct a research regarding the environmental issues that related to political sphere. My group was taking a research about the Endangered Animals Trading in an animals market placed in Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. We conducted several investigations including private interviews and some espionages to the merchants in that market. Here is the result of our work.


Pasar Satwa dan Tanaman Hias Yogyakarta (PASTY) is Jogja’s animal market that sells a lot of animals, sometimes, the endangered ones. We got a chance to interview some of merchants, the one that’s been long time doing animals trading, but unfortunately we didn’t have a chance to conduct documentation since the people related in illegal animals trading may not want to answer any of our question, so we did it in a safe and secret way.

Mr. Slamet, from Purbalingga, age about 50 to 60 years old, has been doing this for a long time. He bought animals in a cheap price but multiply the price when he sold it. No wonder, he is a merchant. When the one of us interviewed him, he just bought a jungle fowl in a price of 5000 IDR. He told us proudly, letting us know that he was going to sell it in such a high price. From that, we can conclude that the animals he sold actually worth way much cheaper than his price.

When we asked about endangered animals in PASTY, he answered that the trading of endangered animals is true, but done secretly, the animals are not being displayed since they cost much and the merchants of course don’t want to take any risk when suddenly there is an inspection. The merchants don’t want to lose any of rupiahs, so they think by doing that secretly, the trading of endangered species still can gain their income.

He told us that to get the endangered animals, the merchants usually buy them in a cheap price from people who work outside Java Island, for example in Papua, Moluccas, and Celebes. The merchants then sell those animals in such a high prize that ordinary people can’t afford. How to take those animals from outside islands to Java? By plane he said. They put those in boxes, and as long as the animals are not too many, the merchants are saved from getting unnecessary questions from the inspector. So there is the tolerance, from people to people. When they told to the inspectors in airport that they also brought their pets with themselves, their boxes are not so unnecessary to be unpacked. And Mr. Slamet told us the truth, since one of us know the procedure of bringing endangered animals in airplane. After all, it is not at all unusual to meet passengers on domestic flights carrying a parrot in their hand luggage.


About what in store, told Mr. Slamet, there were two Kuskus, kind of opossum from Papua, and a cockatoo. The rest were not being displayed in case of the safety of the merchants. The Kuskus were small, and we guess they were still infants.

When we asked about the government’s role, Mr. Slamet said that the government has much effort in order to prevent illegal endangered animals trading. One of the effort is inspection. The inspection is done all by sudden, and the inspectors wear casual shirts instead of uniforms, so it’s a slim chance for the merchants that display endangered animals in PASTY. That’s why then the merchants do not want to take a risk by getting caught and losing the animals they sell, so they just keep those endangered animals for themselves but keep promoting about those animals to the buyers who may interest in keeping and buying those expensive endangered animals. The animals that are being shown and displayed are majorly domestic animals, like cats, Persian cat, hens and roosters, dogs, and so on.

As we all know that when we buy endangered animals, we get kind of certificate to let us know we buy the animals in a legal way. But what we are surprised was when Mr. Slamet told that every endangered animals that finally bought, the buyers got the certificates. How? He didn’t answer us, but we suggest that the certificate was false or they got the certificate from the certain illegal ways.

What happened in Papua according one of our teammates experienced is not so different. But the difference is, the natives of Papua sold the endangered animals in cheap prices, and sometimes, force the Javanese that lived there to buy those animals. And one of our teammates finally went back to Java brought twelve eclectus parrots, one jacob (pigmy parrot), a cockatoo (the yellow crested one), and a preserved paradise bird. The reasons why she bought those animals were: cheap and legal way (certificates from local government and conservation body), and the natives (the merchants) forced her for buying those. So, from this we can compare between the trading of endangered animals in Jogja (PASTY) and in Papua.

The expanding human population in Indonesia has meant that more populations of animals are preyed upon by humans and 100% predation there can be no recovery. Animals products such as meat, skins, furs, feathers, oil and ivory, have long been objects of trade for use as food, clothing, ornaments and ingredients for medicines and perfumes. Birds of paradise skins have been exported since the earliest times and the trade still continues illegally today for both domestic use and for markets in Japan and Korea. Trade in live animals for pets, circuses, and zoo is also of long standing. But today with the added demand for animals, especially primates, for scientific research, the trade is more extensive than ever.

By this phenomenon, we actually must be aware that natural degradation is really occurs. Then, we must try to make many efforts to live in balance with those other kinds of creature that live among us, especially animals and plants. Because we should consider that the life would be more beautiful if we could safe the nature as well.